Hi and welcome to my blog. My name is Liv, but in the eyes of any medical professional, healthcare assistant, midwife, doctor's surgery receptionist or any other Mum - I'm Oscar's Mum (because once you have a baby, no one cares who you are or what your name is). I'm 25 years young and live with my poocano-phobic partner Luke, our adorable black lab Kobe, our 2 year old son, Oscar and our brand new baby girl, Summer.

I gave birth via emergency shit-the-bed (not literally) c-section to a beautiful baby boy 5 weeks early on 19th December 2016. And before you say it - he did not come early because he 'wanted to be here for Christmas' as you smile sweetly - he was a foetus inside me with no concept of Christian Holidays, save the BS! We then had our daughter, two years later, by Elective Caesarean in December 2018 - a perfectly healthy pregnancy and delivery. A welcome change from spending 10 days in the NICU with Oscar.

I enjoyed being pregnant so much (except for when I had my head in a toilet) and spent my time binge watching Netflix and One Born Every Minute, reading every pregnancy and parenting book under the sun, making the worlds biggest baby Pinterest board and researching into the best products that we needed (or I was made to believe we needed!).

I found the most useful information to me was that told by real Mums - whether it be a Youtube video, a blog or even as simple as an Amazon review. I was so shocked at the little information you receive when you’re younger about pregnancy and how most of what you think is going to happen, you’ve gathered from American sitcoms. I discovered 80% of everything I now know about being pregnant, while being pregnant. 10% being that I knew how babies were made and 10% being that babies grow in your belly and shoot out down south. Being the first of my friends or anyone I was close with my age, I was left to my own devices (and Google).

I often described pregnancy as queuing for a ride at Alton Towers that someone else has told you is a right laugh, climbing in and the safety harness comes down, the spotty teenager working there makes sure you're all locked in and off you go. As you start to climb that hill and the cogs click as you get higher and higher, it's only until you're seconds away from the drop that you think - what the F*%k am I doing? And all you can do is close your eyes and enjoy the ride (and try not to s*@t yourself - too literal?)

I wanted to start this blog to tell my story and if I help at least one person feel better about their pregnancy or help someone that has had a premature baby too.. even just to save them some money on what/what not to buy or just to read so they feel less alone – then this blog has been a total success. This blog is for anyone thinking of having a baby, sat with a baby in their belly, sat with a baby on their lap, or someone just as nosey as I am with no real reason other than to find out the gorey details of someones personal life! 

I am besotted and so lucky to have two beautiful children. I find motherhood something of a learning curve - a hilarious, gross, sticky, lovely learning curve and I love blogging about it.

Thank you for reading!