9-12m Christmas Guide!

Happyland figures -

I came across these while searching through Amazon's Best Sellers for babies around his age and started with the London Bus set which came with 5 characters! They're so solid and don't have any fiddly bits that I'm happy for him to play with them and put them in his mouth. They all stand up so it's fun to put them in a line and a few have even crept their way into the bath which make good bath toys. I've since got him a set of another three people and a cat and a dog. On Black Friday the Happyland sets went half price on most of the sets which was such good value. They have a ton of cool sets like farm, police, train set, pirate ship... so many and they're so cute! I'm going to wait to see what Oscar gets for his birthday and Christmas from other people and scope out some more Happyland sets in the January sales!


My Firstyears -

My Firstyears had such a good Black Friday sale that I managed to swipe a few bits. I got Oscar a blue rucksack with stars on that has his name engraved on the back. (Something I'm fine with now but not sure I would want his name so big/on his bag if he was walking home from school or something, for obvious reasons) It's the perfect size for his day-bag for when he goes to his Grandparents, has two side pockets for snacks and a water bottle and enough room for a change of clothes a few nappies and some other bits and bobs. I also got him a beautiful lilac/grey dressing gown. He actually had this gifted to him at his baby shower in the 0-12m size which has lasted him so well, and has his name embroidered on one side, I loved it so much and think the colour is so lovely that I bought it in the next size up exactly the same. I also got him a grey fabric toy 'bag' with "Oscar's Toys" embroidered on it. It's reversible and his nursery is grey so was absolutely perfect to go in there. I've already given him the bag and the box as he is too young to know when/what Christmas is anyway so were more convenient for me to use from when they arrived. I also bought a pair of grey slippers with penguins on for my Secret Santa, a little boy called Bertie, and engraved his name on the back. And also a PVC apron with the name engraved on the front in pink, with a floral reverse which came with a set of paints too for my friends 2 year old to paint with!




Not on the high street - 

From www.notonthehighstreet.com I got Oscar a personalised sack with his full name on, I love this as it feels so authentic and will be something we can use every year to keep his presents in. It's not as big as I thought it would be so considering most of his presents are big as they are toys in large boxes, it fits about a dozen presents. If it were an adults sack it would fit plenty but his toys are pretty bulky. I also got a personalised stocking, in hindsight as he has a common name I probably could have found one in a shop and paid less, but I love the design of it and again, is something we can use year after year.


Toys - 


The Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo - he is one catchy mother fucker. It dances around and sings songs as its stomach flashes different colours. It took Oscar a while to come around to it but now he holds on to the sofa and bounces up and down with his knees dancing to it. It's a good distraction toy. If he hurts himself by accident or gets moody about something its a nice and bright toy to distract him and make him happy again! 



Vtech learning activity table. This has been a great toy to get Oscar more confident in standing as it encourages him to play while standing as opposed to sat down. I like to put it just a foot or two away from the sofa to encourage his walking from the sofa to the table and back again. Again, it's a little annoying but what kids toys aren't.




Clothes - 

I have got Oscar some 12-18m clothes from various shops- Zara, H&M, Mothercare to name a few. It's something he needs anyway so makes a nice gift to have it all ready for when he is big enough for that size. I got him some Christmas pyjamas to wear on Christmas Eve and spend the morning in on Christmas day from Matalan.


I got given some jeggings a while ago and still squeeze him into them because I love them so much and haven't found anything similar yet - until I got told to try checking the girls section!! So today, Oscar got three new pairs of leggings from the girls section - NO SHAME IN MY GAME! I also got him two Christmas jumpers from ASDA and one from Mothercare - they're too cute not to! It's crazy because they are both from the boys section because he is now size 1-1/2 years which is just crazy!

Range Rover - This a silly present as we have a Range Rover so it's just novelty. I got two name signs from the pound shop and stuck them on as 'private plates' which look super cool. He also has a red race car walker from Toys R Us which has been amazing and he absolutely loves it! It's helped with his walking so much and he goes so fast around the kitchen in it! 



'Thats not my' books... A lady sent me a link to get a set of 5 Christmas themed 'That;s not my' books for an amazing price. They're normally worth £7 per book but this website had these 5 for £20 including postage! 'Thats not my donkey, Santa, Elf, snowman, reindeer' worth £34 plus postage!! https://www.lowplex.com/christmas-collection-x-5-special-touchy-feely-5-board-books-set-thats-not-my-elf-snowman-donkey-santa-reindeer-42183-p.asp 

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