Morning Sickness

If reading about someone being sick makes you feel sick... stop reading now!

Morning sickness should not be called morning sickness. It's no secret that you can get it at any time of the day, but I had no idea that the feeling of sickness would last all day and all night and being physically sick only took up 20 minutes of my day. I found that my day would either begin with puking in the morning and feeling sick the entire day until the sweet release of going to sleep. Or that I would feel sick all day and have my head in the toilet just in time for bed - I'm not sure which was worse.

Factoring in the two PregnaCare tablets a day I took that I picked up the same time I got my Clear Blue test - that were Omega 3 and Folic Acid among other vitamins that were for good development in the early stages - my situation was about to get so much worse. I can usually knock back tablets like no tomorrow and have never made a fuss. But deciding what time of day to take these tablets in order to avoid my gag reflex going insane and puking was the most difficult part of my day. If I took the tablets when I was feeling sick, it would induce sickness and the tablets would come straight back up... but if I took them after I'd just been sick, it would take about 10 attempts not to spit the tablets back out as I was still traumatised by the puking to swallow anything that dry. I tried for two days (yes two whole days) to put the tablets in a smoothie every morning but I do not have the patience, organisation or love for kale to be a 'morning smoothie' kinda gal. I found the best thing was to eat something heavy in carbs such as a thick sliced ham and cheese sandwich (I without a doubt had one of these everyday throughout my pregnancy) to settle and stodge out my stomach and then take the tablets with an enormous gulp of the thickest milkshake I could find - the Frijj milkshakes I found worked best. The liquid was so thick that I couldn't even feel that I was swallowing the tablets.

Brushing my teeth I found made me really sick and couldn't even hold toothpaste in my mouth for longer than a second before it made me gag. Your sense of smell also becomes incredible. I couldn't feed the dogs in the morning because the smell of raw meat made me vomit. I struggled to cook dinner with raw meats. And old people with hideous breath became unbearable. Not to mention having pedicure clients and the smell of other people's feet drove me insane - I was lucky I didn't puke into the foot spa.

I didn't find anything that helped me stop feeling sick, but found that the odds of being physically sick was reduced dramatically if I ate as many carbs as I possibly could... bread, crackers, cereal bars, cakes, biscuits... good job I didn't get hung up on worrying about the baby weight. I even used to take plain Jacobs water crackers around with me in a tub just to make sure I was constantly full and stocked up with carbs.

Luke and I were lucky enough to go on holiday twice during my pregnancy, the first holiday was when my sickness started. I was about 11 weeks pregnant and was armed with my pregnancy books to read around the pool. I was feeling pretty smug up until 11 weeks as the only symptom I had had was tiredness. Not the sort of tiredness that I felt like I needed sleep but that my body was really weak and I had no energy. I felt really sluggish and didn't want to do anything other than watch TV (or maybe that part was just me being lazy). It was on our third night on holiday that at 4am I woke up and immediately had to be sick, I was then sick again in the morning around 9am and felt like crap the whole day. I put this off as maybe just dodgy Spanish food but it continued when we got home and felt like it was never going to end.

I had morning sickness from end of month 3 to end of month 5 as I remember reading all the books saying morning sickness would end by the end of the first trimester and I was nearly at the end of the second wondering when it would ever end! I wish I hadn't of been so naive to think that if a book told me my morning sickness would be over by the end of the first trimester. I had 8 weeks of 'THE BOOK SAID!!!!' as I continued to be violently sick. I was so fed up and thought I would be sick for the rest of my pregnancy. The first month was the worst as I couldn't explain to anyone why I wasn't leaving the house as much as normal and was missing so much. I ended up being a pretty crappy friend on some occasions as 'being sick' was so uncommon to make you cancel your plans ten minutes before, but I never knew when it was coming so ended up cancelling a bunch of plans.

The sickness finally started to curb and I got a new lease of life and was full of energy. Months 6 and 7 were probably my favourite as you’re confident everything is OK with the baby, you’ve seen your baby twice, your bump is obvious so you look pregnant not just fat, labour and birth are far away enough that you don’t need to worry too much and for me, it was just coming into the end of summer so I was getting bigger as the sun was going in so I was far more comfortable. I can’t imagine being in blistering heat with a huge bump!!

I know lots of pregnant women who had no morning sickness, but that got acne, their hair became straw-like, their bladder turned to pure crap, etc, etc. So I really do think you win some, you lose some. I may have had morning sickness but my hair was amazing, my nails grew super fast, my spots all cleared up, my boobs got bigger - I really was the best version of myself I've ever been - plus a bump and a few stone!! (More on weight gain later!)

I can remember being sick in the toilet so much and Luke, bless him, just stood next to me, either holding my hair back or standing from a distance saying, "I love you!". Watching or hearing someone else be sick makes Luke gag so it really wasn't ideal for him. But we got through it together ;) It's really made me think about baby number 2. Was my morning sickness so bad because I had all day to sit around and think about how bad I felt? If I was in a 9-5 job would I have just got on with it? What if my morning sickness is bad with my second pregnancy but I've got to run around after a toddler, take care of two dogs and keep together a household!

After the morning sickness stopped, I only vomited once between then and the end of my pregnancy but boy was it crazy different having a huge, huge bump and being sick and not being able to keep anything down. We were on holiday in Greece and I was roughly 6 months pregnant. I had awful sickness and diarrhea  (TMI) and honestly thought I was going to die. I have never felt so uncomfortable sat on a toilet with my bump meaning I can't sit comfortably, am terrified because I'm in another country, thinking is my baby OK or have I eaten some dodgy meat and being 100 degrees because I have twice as much blood in my body as normal (a lovely pregnancy side effect) and we're in a hot, humid country! 

Despite the nightmare of my morning sickness, I still think I got off pretty lightly. I was used to having my head in a toilet from all my nights out previous to getting pregnant and having one too many tequila shots. This part of my pregnancy definitely felt like a big, fat hangover. But one that you couldn't tell your friends about. A big, fat, secret hangover.