Birth Plan

Although I never made it to the midwife appointment to discuss my birth plan because Oscar came early, I still had written a draft of my birth wishes. I decided to call them birth wishes not a birth plan because it was unlikely to go as planned - and I was right! I found a few birth wishes online and took bits from each that I liked/wanted.


My birth wishes were as follows:

Yes to - a quiet, dimly lit room keep talking to a minimum and avoid asking questions during contractions

Ask permission before performing any checks or tests

Allow me to move around freely and try different positions

Only my partner (Luke) and my Mum (Sue) to be allowed in the room

Access to birthing ball and squat bar

Being in the birthing pool

Gas & Air

Wireless headphones for calming music

Being as mobile as much as possible during labour

Atleast a Go Pro in the corner of the room to film the day/birth

If in a good mood film as much as possible

Free use of food and water

Limited cervical checks

Intermittent monitoring of baby

Reminder to empty bladder before pushing


No to - Offering pain medications (I will ask if needed)

IV (heparin lock instead if necessary) - use water or ice for hydration

Male doctors in the room

No student nurses

Inducing labour unless medically necessary


Birth Wishes:

All fours for birth in pool as first attempt to push

Delayed cord clamping

Dad would like to cut the cord

Hold the baby while I deliver the placenta

Skin to skin contact & breastfeeding immediately

I did not get A SINGLE WISH but I still had a very smooth and straight-forward delivery and the medical staff were amazing so I can't complain under the circumstances - everything that was done was what was best for Oscar.

I think its a lot easier said than done to be demanding and fight for what you want when you're about to have your baby. I trusted the staff implicitly so in my mind, what they said, went. In that moment you just want what is best for your baby and whatever is going to be safest needs to be done, so I think it's all well and good to have birth wishes and I think you can understand the type of birth I wanted from the birth plan, but I can't imagine many births coincide with their birth wishes/plan.

Our prenatal class encouraged us to question the medical staff. If they said we needed to start pushing on our back, question, Why can't I push on all fours? (Gravity). I would have liked to of thought if I had been in labour and pushed Oscar, that I would've spoken up. But I think the fear of speaking up and something going wrong and it being my fault was too great. 

I really wanted a waterbirth and had looked up a ton of information about water births, I went to a water birth NCT class, watched a ton of water births on YouTube and considering my pregnancy was low risk throughout, I was certain I was going to get my water birth. I started a hypnobirthing class in the evenings but only had time to attend the first class. I found that the more information I knew about the science behind birth and how the human body changes and reacts in order to deliver a baby, the more comfortable I felt with trusting my body and being prepared for what was to come. I think that there was absolutely nothing to lose with the hypnobirthing classes. I wasn't certain the hypnosis part would work, tricking the mind into a state of relaxation by practicing breathing techniques and listening to tapes, but the mass amount of information I found out during the course was so fascinating and reassuring that it was worth it if just for that.

I had watched every single episode of One Born Every Minute in order to prepare myself and all the blood and guts in the world didn't put me off - just watching the needles pierce the skin is what made my stomach turn. I wept at every single birth as soon as the baby let out it's first cry. Being pregnant in general but more importantly thinking about labour feels like when you pluck up the courage to go on the biggest rollercoaster in the theme park, climb in, put your harness down and the ride starts to chug along, up and up the incline - there is NOTHING you can do to get off or avoid what is about to come, so you can either close your eyes and miss it, or enjoy the ride! (Oh man- that last bit was cheesy wasn't it?)