Geeking out online during Pregnancy

I thought I would share things I thought were helpful during my pregnancy and things I saved to my computer that I've actually found really useful now I've had a baby and put it all into practice. Towards the end of your pregnancy when you're sat, bored and staring at your humongous bump wondering how your body has possibly stretched to such a large size, you can check them out to entertain or inform yourself!

Apps -

Pregnancy +
I found Pregnancy + had everything I needed to know. It updated me as the baby grew, had a ton of pictures of what it would look like in a 2D scan, 3D scan and a cute picture of the baby's face/body at that age. It had plenty of detail about symptoms I might be feeling around that time and Luke could download it too and it would talk to him as a Dad and gave tips as being the partner and what their Baby Mama is going through.

Ovia Pregnancy
This one I just liked because instead of the classic 'What fruit is my baby the same size as' it gave funnier alternatives like ukulele or baseball glove. The full chart is on Pinterest but this app was fun to check every week.

Baby Pics & Tiny Memories
Two both similar but equally as good apps to add text to your images that are baby related and have themes like Baby's First Christmas/Halloween/Easter etc etc. They had the overlays with the size of the baby on them.

Baby Centre
Generally good app for Baby information. Still proving to be very helpful now I have had the baby as tracks baby's development.

Websites -

62 Sleeping Baby Tricks
I had this list saved to my Bookmarks since I was in the first trimester. Having read it once or twice I think that it just stuck in my brain and I have instinctively tried all or most of them and Oscar is an awesome sleeper

30 Things to do before you have a baby
This made me laugh, I think it's a little bit drastic for a newborn as they just sleep (she says) but I think it will definitely resonate when Oscar is a toddler!

Pinterest is really really great for baby articles, ideas, baby names, tips, hacks, facts - everything. I've made my Pinterest board Public for those of you that want to have a look. I think it's so funny to see the natural progression of my Pinterest Board as my pregnancy went along. It starts with pinning things about pregnancy symptoms, smoothies to stop morning sickness (didn't work) and then I became obsessed with the nursery and a baby shower and started pinning lots of both girls and boys things/nurseries (more girls). I then started looking at gender reveals and party decorations. Then things got serious and it was on to what to pack in my hospital bag and giving birth. And starting to pin things since having the baby such as newborn hacks, naptimes, 4 month sleep regression, weaning - oh the joys! For those of you that don't know how Pinterest work, you create your own mood board effectively, but some things you have pinned to your moodboard because you like the photo and want to remember it, like a photo of a cake, or a nursery, but then the photos also are a cover photo for a link, so everything has an external website like, how to bake a cake or how to get your baby to sleep. So it's a really great way to collate all your research and ideas without having a thousand bookmarks in your folder on your computer!


My two ultimate fangirl moments go to Tammy Hembrow (@tammyhembrow) and Emily Norris (@mrsemilynorris). Tammy Hembrow just looks incredible, her body and her style even though she has two kids is insane.


Emily Norris I just love, she is such a good Mum and has 3 boys! Her YouTube videos are so addictive I could (and do) sit all day and just watch them over and over! She does such a wide range of videos such as vlogs, pregnancy updates, Mum Hacks, beauty videos and even did a video on her birth which really made me want a homebirth!! Perhaps if I didn't have two crazy dogs eh...

I also love Giovanna Fletcher and feel that she's so open and down to earth. And of course her announcement and pregnancy time lapse videos are amazing! I wish I had done something like that but I'm far too lazy. She has gone viral recently for being so honest about her Mum-tum and promotes a really good message to love your body!



I really enjoyed Holly Willoughbys book. It was nice to read a book that just covered a few of the basics but in detail rather that too much information. It's rare in a baby book that you find schedules of your day laid out so clearly, as a rough guideline. I really wanted to know what I was in for when I was pregnant and was fed up of the books keep saying 'newborns sleep all the time' but then 'sleep when the baby sleeps' ... so I'm just sleeping all the time too am I? I wanted to know what time to start my day, what time to start bedtime and thought this book was really good to have a guideline, even if you don't follow it it's a good start to see what works for someone else and then adjust it to what suits you. 

The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy

I feel like this book just cut the crap - it was totally honest and I loved how it referred to pregnancy being 10 months long (even though I only did 8 and a bit) but I think that was a really great way to look at it instead of counting down the days to your due date as it's unlikely you'll make it there. It's written by a woman in first person so you really feel like you're getting genuine advice from someone who's been there done it!


The Wise Hippo hypnobirthing is a programme that you can search the nearest teacher to you locally. It comes with a booklet full of hypnobirthing information and I absolutely loved it. I would write all about what I learnt about hypnobirthing but feel like I'd be ripping off the book I got as I'd just be regurgitating facts - so if you're interested, even in just the science of labour, definitely check out The Wise Hippo!

Facebook group

I joined about 4 months pregnant a group on Facebook called Babies Due Jan/Feb 2017 UK, it had roughly 300 women in it, about 200 that actually posted and about 50 that regularly posted. I honestly can say I'm not sure my pregnancy would have been the same if I wasn't in this group and has continued to be so helpful once you have the baby. Everyone is going through the same thing at the same time and there's always braver women in the group that aren't afraid to post questions you're too embarrassed to ask and that would never be on Google. During the time everyones babies were due there were a lot of 'What's this in my pants' as everyone started to loose their plugs. I wont go into detail - Google it (when you're not eating). So you're able to get all sorts of gross advice and ask about weird things happening to your body. I genuinely feel like I know the women and have made some true 'internet friends' and have such a laugh on the group and have gotten some really good advice too. It also feels really good to give someone advice and it genuinely helps them! I would probably advise you stay clear of the US groups as they do things so differently and their health care is so different its not all that relevant/helpful to have. I would 10/10 definitely recommend joining your UK one!