Snotty Baby

So as I type this I am sat, in the carpark of where I take Oscar swimming. Its been aL O N G  12 days (yes, I’m counting) that we’ve both been under the weather. The worst of it has definitely been and gone and Oscar is left with a slightly snotty nose and still coughs occasionally. I did my part as a good citizen and kept him away from my friends with babies and all baby groups as I didn’t want to pass on any of his germs and least of all his cold to any other babies. But now we are sat in the carpark, waiting for our £13 a time swimming lesson to start and I’m still wondering whether to take him.

Will I submerge him underwater and he’ll come up with snot streaming down his face and the teacher and all other Mums will look at me in horror and disbelief that I brought him swimming. Or will the pool be full of other snotty kids who's Mums DGAF. We missed last weeks swimming and I was gutted - its the best fun we have all week! What’s more important? Oscar getting a good nap in (he’s asleep in the back) and fighting this cold in his own time without being dunked underwater while keeping all other babies safe, or does he deserve cheering up, a bit of socialising and getting out the house at the expense of others catching his cold! 

I decided against it… we’re back at home now eating Mini Cheddars while his lunch cooks and watching Sing. I can understand maybe having second thoughts about going or not going to a group after twelve days of a bastard cold and steering clear of other babies but why do parents take their babies out in the midst of a cold? I get it can be a little tedious staying in the same room playing with the same toys - but thats Motherhood! Apart from going to ASDA, a few dog walks and seeing family the past fortnight, we have done SOD ALL. But I’d rather that than meet up with a Mum-friend because if someone turned up to meet Oscar and I with a snotty kid I would be really annoyed!

This cold has been the death of us, we’ve both been totally wiped out. I definitely would’ve gotten better sooner if I was able to have 8 hour sleeps to rest and recuperate but alas, Oscar has other plans. Being up every hour to crying, coughing, snot, sneezing - isn’t fun! My heart breaks for him as he coughs his lungs up not knowing what’s going on. It took a few days for him to let me anywhere near him with the Nose Freda (snot sucker) as my first attempts were met with screaming and back arching. I think it took for him to see how much better he felt after I’d sucked all his rancid snot out his nose for him to realise I wasn’t trying to attack him but help him!!! (Silly Oscar) 

I will say if you’re reading this now and have a little one, even if they don’t have a cold, go out and stock up on everything you can! Oscar’s cold struck about 9pm and we had nothing! I took him to the doctors to check it wasn’t anything viral on Day 2, it can be and was really scary the first night as he was hysterically crying and wouldn’t settle at all, which is really unlike Oscar and I had no idea what to expect from a baby’s first cold.

I called 111 on the first night as I was in such a panic that he wasn’t settling and he seemed to be screaming in pain. I know they try to do a good job but unsurprisingly I didn’t get many answers. Among the questions they asked, some relevant, some not, they asked if he had bumped his head in the last week. (My brain quickly pictured the thousand bumps he had had in the last week, 4 big ones in particular) “Yeah, he bumps his head all the time, he’s learning to pull himself up” this then spirals into her asking how many bumps, any blood, any concussion, any lumps… no, they weren’t bad they were just bumps, he had a little cry but stopped once I distracted him. Through all this talking Oscar had exhausted himself and fell asleep in my arms so I couldn’t answer any more questions about how he was being because he was asleep, so they told me they’d ring me back within two hours (it was already 10pm) and by the time they rang back we were both asleep! 

All in all, I wouldn’t say I have much advice (sorry!) but that you’re in for a rough ride. When I went to the doctors on Day 2 he said it would last roughly a week to ten days, I couldn’t believe it. But twelve days later HERE WE ARE! I’ve been going to bed when Oscar does which helps a little and but the nights are still pretty rough.

All in bed at 8pm!

All in bed at 8pm!

But please, keep your babies at home if they are poorly! I have turned down a lot of Mum-dates the last few weeks which has left me feeling pretty bored but I'd hate to pass anything on to other babies especially younger than Oscar! I would also hope anyone you plan to meet has the decency to tell you they're poorly and suggest to rearrange. It might seem extreme and I'm on the fence about babies 'being exposed to germs to get them used to them' but surely avoiding a cold is better than getting one!

Whether its coincidence or not, he has started sleeping better than he ever has done in months as his cold has lifted. I’ve been using a humidifier in his room to help him breathe better so maybe that’s the key! Am still using the Sleepy lotion by lush which I truly believe really helps and have taken the Sleepyhead Grande out of his bed and he’s been sleeping on his front since. 

As rough as these past weeks have been I have liked the cuddles and having him rest his head on my lap or chest and I rub his hair is really one of the best things about being a Mum. He’s finally at an age where he will wrap his arms around me when I carry him and nuzzle into me. He's been using his dummy more than usual so I'm glad I didn't boycott it a few months back when I attempted to as its been a real comfort for him.



Shopping list: Ibuprofen, Paracetamol, BabyVix, Olbas Oil, Humidifier, Calpol plug in, Nose Freida, Soft tissues, White Zinfandel Rose Wine.