Hello readers, its been 6 months! What’s new I hear you ask, well, I’m 7 months pregnant! Kept that one quiet didn’t I! Actually, I didn’t - trying to keep your second pregnancy a secret for the first 12 weeks is near impossible. I’m pregnant became my word vomit, along with actual vomit. Five long months of vomit. Morning sickness - you bitch. 

I’m over the moon to share with you that we’re having a little girl (I’ve had it triple checked) and believe it or not she is due on exactly Oscar’s second birthday. For what could be a week, a day, an hour, I will have two under two. And then once that’s over I assume the sympathy stops and you have to get on with just like any Tom, Dick and Harry with two kids.

Before you ask, NO we didn’t plan for the baby to be due on Oscar’s birthday (oh, and the week before Christmas - what on earth were we thinking) it just so happened that we felt we were ready and fell pregnant on the second month of trying which coincidentally meant a baby due around the end of December. I’ve had more than a handful of people make jokes about what happens 9 months before December 19th that we keep ‘celebrating’ and making babies on - but if you remember rightly, Oscar was due on the 22nd of January he just came early, so no, March 19th isn’t an annual thing for us (Oh crap - Luke’s birthday is the 12th… maybe it is) 

It took a lot of umm-ing and arr-ing about an age gap and deciding to have a second. I will look to blame my three friends with small age gaps for persuading me into it if it all goes to pot. I knew I wanted two kids, two for me is the perfect number. I was in a position to have a second maternity leave (in fact, for a wedding make-up artist, winter couldn’t be a more perfect time to have another maternity leave), our house was already littered with multi-coloured, annoying toys and nappies left right and centre and I’d stopped breastfeeding and lost the baby weight and felt like why not go again, better now when I’m young and can evidently get back to the old me. We had survived the first year and hey - they say if you can survive that you can survive anything. Even shark attacks.

I had a few brutally honest comments saying I was mad and not to do it (I mean really, who gets involved in someone else’s decision to have children) and honestly it just spurred me on more to prove them wrong. Just kidding - it installed total fear and anxiety. But hey - I love being a Mum, I’ve never felt more meant to do anything in my life, nothing else I’ve put my hand to has come as naturally as motherhood. I’m so lucky to have enough family around me that are happy and able to help us with childcare and we’re even luckier to be finically ready for two children (well kind of, we just kept everything from Oscar’s first year so we just need nappies for this whipper snapper - that counts right?)

So here we are, 7 months deep. It’s taken a long ass time to feel human again and this pregnancy has honestly put me off having any more children. Having to look after a toddler part/full time and be heavily pregnant is tough, and getting tougher everyday not to mention. I cannot imagine being pregnant again only to have TWO children to look after. The sickness was a bitch and this time I was greeted by mine and several others fair share of migraines. I would seriously rather be glued to a toilet than have a migraine - atleast if one or both of your ends is exploding you still have time to check Facebook. With a migraine you just want to curl up into a ball and wither away into the darkness as quickly as possible.

This pregnancy is going so quickly, life is flashing by and within no time she will be here. We have a mere few months until Christmas so why not cram some posts in before life gets that much more chaotic? This blog will be a place for someone considering two children to find tips, truths and my honest experience. Or someone without kids to read while they sip their chilled Pinot Grigio after a relaxing day of wiping only their own butt - relishing in the glory that is ‘life before kids.’ You smug bastards!